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  • Free Counseling for Abused Children
  • Counseling for all others with Medicaid Insurance
  • CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate Program)
  • Child Abuse Prevention Education Program
  • Community Awareness Programs
  • "Kids in Crisis" Advocacy Program

Your support is always appreciated! To make a tax-deductible contribution or to learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact us today at 270-443-1440, P.O. Box 1262, Paducah, KY 42002. Thank you for helping us help a child!

Free mental health counseling for victims of child abuse and neglect is made possible by support from a Victims of Crime Act grant and the United Way of Paducah-McCracken County.


To report suspected child abuse, please call 1-877-597-2331 (toll free).

Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center
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CRISIS LINE: 270.443.1440
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Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center does not discriminate against any client or prospective client because of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age, or sexual orientation.


Programs & Services

Free Counseling for Abused Children

Counseling for all others with Medicaid Insurance

Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center offers a warm, home-like setting, to provide a wide range of mental health services for child abuse victims and their non-offending caretaker. The following services are based on the age and developmental level of the child: mental health screenings, comprehensive mental health assessments, short-term stabilization and therapeutic support, individual counseling and play therapy, non-offending parent support. Referrals are accepted by the Social Services, law enforcement, prosecutors, and other children’s agencies and organizations.

All programs and services are provided free of charge to child abuse victims and non-offending caretakers. Funding to implement all services are provided through grants, funding sources, fundraisers and individual, business and corporate donations.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate Program):

The CASA Program is an innovative program initiated by Superior Court Judge David W. Soukup in 1977. The CASA Project of McCracken was established in 1988 under the umbrella of the Child Watch Children's Advocacy Center. The CASA Program is a member of Kentucky CASA, Inc., and the National CASA Association.

CASA volunteers work for the Family Court Judge as a fact finder, talking with all those involved in the case, gathering relevant facts and reporting them back to the court; a facilitator, assuring that those services to which a child is entitled are available to him; a monitor, being aware of all court orders and making certain those involved with the case are in compliance; and most importantly, an advocate, voicing their belief on what is in the child's "best interest".

EducationChild Abuse Prevention Education Program:

Child Abuse Prevention Education Programs are taught by CAC Staff and trained Volunteers throughout the Purchase Area. Each year education programs are scheduled in daycares, preschools and elementary schools; programs are also available for middle schools, high schools and colleges when requested.

Each summer Child Abuse Prevention Programs are taught at the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch reaching over 800 children throughout the state of Kentucky.


1. Say “NO”!
2. Get Away….
3. Tell Someone…. AND
4. Keep Telling (Until Someone Believes You!)

“Children must have at least one person who believes in them. It could be a counselor, teacher, a preacher, a friend. It could be you. You never know when a little love, a little support, will plant a small seed of hope”. -Marian Wright Edelman

Community Awareness Programs:

Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center participates in community awareness events and activities throughout the year to bring awareness to the attention of the public regarding child abuse and child abuse prevention efforts.

"Kids in Crisis" Advocacy Program:

Victim Advocates begin working with child abuse victims and their families as soon as they are referred to the CAC.

Each child and non-offending caretaker entering the center are informed and assisted with Crime Victim’s Compensation Claim forms.

The “Kids In Crisis” Program informs the child and family about the court process; and teaches them about the court system with age appropriate educational materials. If the alleged offender is found guilty or a plea is accepted, the victim advocate helps the child and family with victim impact statements. The child and family are provided with support throughout the trial process.

The “Kids In Crisis” Program teaches children the 3 most important rules to follow:

This program is made available in part by a grant from the Child Victims’ Trust Fund.


"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of clothes you wore, what kind of car you drove, or what kind of house you lived in, what will matter is that you made a difference... in the life of a child."

~ Anonymous


"We build our homes as a haven from the cold and rain. Let us also build them as a haven from child abuse."

~ Former First Lady,
Judi Conway Patton

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